Clarity in opportunities

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Late last year, I had two opportunities come my way and they have both been on polar opposites of the scale.

The first opportunity was an opportunity that sounded amazing on paper and financially would make so much sense to take it however it would mean that I would need to make major changes to my work/life balance and the way I do work.

The second opportunity left me feeling used and abused, tricked and resulted in tears and not the happy type. The details of these opportunities are not important because the reason why I said no is way more important. So for the awesome looking opportunity, I assessed this on who I am as a person and thought about whether this matched my values.

It became very clear that though an awesome opportunity it did not align with my values and was not going to be a good fit.

The not so pleasant opportunity was a no-brainer as the guy I met with did not display the qualities of honesty which is a value to me that I hold firmly to.

How have you had clarity in the opportunities that have come your way and what keeps you grounded to make the right decisions for you and your business?

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Overhead speaker

blog headersI was in Brisbane airport and I had been there about 90 minutes before a flight back to Canberra.

All of a sudden my friend and I realised that we were at the wrong gate and needed to make a dash for the right one. We had just realised that we didn’t know which gate that we were supposed to be at and were desperately trying to work out where our flight actually was! As we were trying to scramble from one end of the airport to the other we heard our names announced over the overhead speaker.

Instead of being embarrassed we were the naughty ones who hadn’t boarded! I was grateful that we now knew which gate we needed to get to!

What is it that you need to be grateful for even if the situation is stressful?

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Burning down the house

blog headers (1) Have you ever had a moment when things felt like they were burning in front of you and how did you handle it? Well I had one of those moments and real fire was involved.

You see I was having some friends over and I had decided to cheat and instead of cooking them a nutritious meal I decided to buy pizza. So to keep the pizza warm decided to put the oven and just chuck the boxes in there.

Now full disclaimer I live in an older place with a slightly dodgy oven and I had put the oven on and then let my friend handle the placement of the pizza boxes in the oven. So a short while later I hear my smoke alarm going off and as I leave the office to the kitchen area I notice that it is actually a little smoky. I then alert my friend that we have indeed managed to set the pizza box alight.

So she went to the fire and I went to the smoke alarm. The high pitched squeal was going and I couldn’t find the blasted battery to make the noise stop. In the end I ended up shouting out ͞help͟ where my friend came to my rescue after successfully saving the pizza and putting out the smoldering box.

So in a crisis I know that often I will get stressed, panic or my least favourite one is laugh inappropriately.

I am still apologising to my mum for laughing hysterically when I jammed her head in the boot of the car but I digress as that is a whole other story!!

My friend however was as cool as a cucumber handled the situation with confidence and skill and didn’t even have to shout out the words help. However my saving grace was when I knew I was out of my depth and when I needed to ask for help. So how are you coping at the moment in your business?

Are there some fires that you feel are burning in front of you? How will you cope and who will you ask to help you if you are really not able to handle it on your own?

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Do you ever have a moment and go I don’t think I can do that and but then a while later, it could be moments, weeks, months or years, you look back and think to yourself oh my goodness I did that!!

I have those moments often and I often reflect back on why I was able to do it. Often the reason why I got something done is because I have told someone I want to do it and then they have ensured that I do it. I have some amazing friends who step into this role on more often than I would like to care to know. One example of this happening was I was chatting to a friend and mentioned that I wanted to get back into running. So a plan was formulated where I would re-introduce exercise by myself and then I would also meet up with walking with her.

So the next 6 months of our diaries where filled up with our joint ventures. 48 hours later with a slight cold on both of our parts 7.30am on a Saturday morning, where the winter air was still crisp was our first morning of walking around the Yerrabi pond commenced. Did we both want to be there? Well I could think of better things to do however we did and we started our Saturday feeling energised and focused because we held each other accountable and spurred each other on.

So who do you have in your business that spurs you on and keeps you accountable to make sure that you are doing what you need to accomplish?

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Self Care

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For me my default position is to throw myself into my work and forget about everything else but occasionally I have a moment where I am reminded that this strategy is not the best.

For me this moment was not a moment but a couple of hours where my health was in serious danger. I am a type 1 diabetic and one Friday I was out with friends for a business networking lunch.

I had grossly miscalculated the carbohydrates I had eaten and my blood sugar had risen to 3.5 times what it should have been, this is very serious and quite dangerous. My body at this point in time goes into survival mode, I feel nauseous and apparently become quite belligerent. I had discovered my medical emergency moments before entering Aldi’s with my friend and this caused for some funny moments of me walking through Aldi’s verbalizing every thought that was going on in my head, which is some crazy stuff when one is not thinking straight!! The only way my friend could get me to get into her car instead of driving myself home was to say ͞I don’t want to tell your clients you are dead get into the car.

͟I then cried on my friend’s couch, recovered enough to return 5 hours late to the Aldi carpark for my car and then spent my Saturday in recovery on my couch as was fatigued. I did try and do stuff but failed miserably, which is another funny story in itself. This was a major wake up call for me. This whole ordeal made me look at the life I was living and how I need to care for myself a whole lot better so I could actually be around to help those in my life because if I don’t look after me I will actually not be here to be able to look after anyone, quite literally in my case.

This has spurred me into action where I am now starting to exercise more regularly and setting boundaries of when I need to spend time on just me and not the business. I have shared this with those closest to me and they are holding me accountable to these.

How do you care for yourself in the juggle between work and your health?

What small change will you make today to ensure you are being the best version of yourself to help those in your life?

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I saw myself as broken. I couldn’t really place my finger on why however I was just convinced I was and wasn’t going to listen to anyone who wanted to tell me any differently.

So quite a few tears later and the comforting shoulder of a friend I broke my brokenness and myself as no longer broken.

This act of breaking the brokenness released in me something that had been holding me back from reaching my full potential.

What do you need to address in your life that is holding you back from reaching your full potential?

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The choices we make

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A recent conversation with a friend went something like this – ” Life is short, every choice and decision we make is either for positive or negative”

It made me realise that there is so much of my time that is wasted that does nothing but fill me mind with meaningless chatter. It also made me realise how many of the decisions I make I don’t really consider the future impact or just make them I have always done it that way.

So do you need to stop for a moment and assess the choices you make?

What time wasters can you stop to focus on something more positive and meaningful?

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