We Balance


One of our values here at Balancing Bookkeeper Canberra is “We balance”.


“We strive to be a workplace that practices what we preach. We aim to provide a flexible and supportive environment that enables all staff members to balance work and life. We believe that as individuals we are able to have a healthy work/life boundaries. We are an example to others, including clients, by efficiently and effectively managing the work that they provide to us.” 


So quite a few years ago we rebranded the bookkeeping business that was being traded under my personal name and it was rebirthed as “Balancing Bookkeeper Canberra.” Every day since I have been reminded that life is not just about balancing the accounts for small business but also balancing the many other balls many of us juggle. 


I had the knowledge of this but must admit I just loved balancing the books more than I did in managing my health, family, friends and self and other commitments. However this did end in me being quite unwell for an extended period of time and made me realise that if I am not balanced “emotionally, physically, mentally, relationships and self care” I am really no use to anyone. 


One of the hardest things I have had to do is to keep going in my business when battling depression and anxiety. However have these two new “friends” has taught me what is important and how to manage my stress and how to give to full capacity in the work I do by making sure I have adequate down time. 


How are you coping with the work/life balance? Is there something small that you can change today that will make this balance a little more equal?

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