We Care About People



One of our values here at Balancing Bookkeeper Canberra is “We care about people”. 


“We are focused on numbers, but also on helping people. We also interact with people in a helpful, efficient and effective manner. This means no matter how many clients we are juggling or how busy we become, we always take the time to give individualised attention and support to every client.” 


Did you know that not only do we love to share the love by caring for those clients, staff and suppliers in our business however we also love to see this in action in your business? 


That’s right having a heart of compassion to those you do business with is such a beautiful to witness and it makes our hearts happy. 


One of my fondest memories of being in business was meeting a long-term client where we had not met face to face. I was already aware of how much respect he had for his customers and his employees from the interaction we have had via email and telephone. But it was a complete gamechanger to see this in action when met him in person. 


There is also another client that shows this wonderfully by being a jovial workplace that when we frequent to pick up paperwork we instantly feel like we are part of the family! 


How do you practically show that you care about the customers, clients, employees and suppliers in your business?

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