To us here at Balancing Bookkeeper Canberra the values that we hold onto and how we do business are very important. It can often dictate the small decisions that may seem mundane and happen daily or they may come into play with bigger strategic decisions. 


So I am going to take a moment to let you know what is at the heart of what we do and then will also delve deeper into each of those in greater detail in later blog posts. 


We care about people: That’s right as much as we love numbers, people are more important and it’s about the relationship we build with you and your business. 


We are passionate: That’s right we are going to get excited about your accounts and about the numbers of your business. It’s ok if you don’t we have enough nerdy passion to be excited on your behalf!


We are honest: Integrity and honesty are at the heart of who we are as individuals here at Balancing Bookkeeper Canberra as well as a team and how we conduct ourselves as a team. 


We are switched on: That’s right we are like a light bulb, we are switched on. Ok, seriously streamlining and making your life easier is what we are all about. Solving problems is something we love to do and we love using technology to assist in making this as efficient for all. 


We balance: That’s right each of us here at Balancing Bookkeeper Canberra also wear many hats in life; whether we have families, friends, volunteering positions we lead by example by ensuring that we have a good balance between work and life so that we can give the very best to you. 


So what are your values in business and how do they define how you do business? 

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