What’s your first reaction?

blog headers (8)So when something awesome is happening in your life; whether that is business or personal what is your first reaction?

Are you excited, fearful or a combination of the two or any other emotion?

I think for me I like to do the combo of the excited and fearful. When big things are happening in my business there are sometimes I want to grab a pair of joggers and run for the hills even though I know that what is in store is actually awesome.

There are others times the fear of the unknown about the situation has me wanting to sit in the foetal position because staying where it is comfortable seems like the better option. So how do you combat that initial emotion to stop you from not stepping into all that is in store for you? For me actually acknowledging why I am feeling this way is the first step.

Sometimes that feeling is completely warranted as it is risky and it is a way that I am protecting myself or other times it is completely irrational. So then I actually need to assess whether what I am about to step into is actually the right thing to do and the right timing. If it is something I do need to be doing and I have acknowledged it I then hold myself accountable to my support network and verbalise that I can’t stay in this place and that I need to be pushing myself beyond how I am feeling.

Then I get on with it.

Easy right?!

Well, sometimes it is but sometimes it is so freaking hard as you know that you need to fight on ahead however you feel like sitting in the corner. How do you keep yourself pushing forward?

For me making sure that I am keeping myself balanced with work/life, health/fun and work/play is the first step.

Then I make sure that I have the goals of my life and work firmly in my head and that if I want to push through to see those happen that there is going to be a little discomfort as I step into that; the unknown, the scary and the exciting!!

blog headers (8)What strategies do you have in place for ensuring that you are living up to your best version of yourself and stepping into all that you are meant to be doing?

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