Talking off a ledge

blog headers (7)Do you ever have moments where you feel like the whole world is on your shoulders or you are knocked down by a situation and you can’t seem to think straight?

Well, I can say with 100% confidence that I have found myself in this place on more than one occasion. For me often it has to do with something that has conjured up as a problem before it even exists or on a personal level if my medical condition is playing havoc and I get stressed about keeping myself alive and make wise decisions.

Often I have a friend on the other end of the phone or chat giving me the advice that all will be ok. The way this is delivered is either filled with more compassion and love or a forceful voice dependent on the situation. One instant I had about this recently was with my employee who is also my mum.

She was calling me to talk work on a Saturday.

She quickly picked up that I was not ok and I ended up sobbing about whatever I was heartbroken about. She listened, challenged and offered me practical advice. We then continued to talk about work but before hanging up I said

͞”Thanks for talking me off a ledge”
She then quickly replied ͞

“The only ledger you are allowed to talk about is general ledgers.”

Despite the pain I was feeling, we were able to laugh hysterically about her ability to find humour and make a bookkeeping joke.

blog headers (7)blog headers (7)Who do you have in the life that supports you when you feeling like you are hanging on to the ledge of life? How will you find humour in the small things in life no matter what you are facing?

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