blog headers (5)So I used to run and have recently just commenced again. I had been doing some planning about all of the runs I wanted to participate in over the next 12 months and then just kept yapping on about how I wanted to run.

It was Monday and my usual cheerful bubbly self was in the worst mood I have been in for awhile.

My poor staff who had to put up with my bad attitude. I even had to promise that I would do some sort of exercise to release this emotion. I was already wearing my gym gear so was adamant that I was going for a run. So eventually my bad mood and I put some joggers on and went for a run.

I warmed up for about a nanosecond and then started running wanting to run

away from all of the emotion I was feeling. Ok, did it feel good to run again? Hell yes it was amazing. Did I discover how unfit I was? For sure. But did I do anyway? You betcha.

But what did I learn about commencing running again? That you can plan until you are blue in the face but actually taking action is necessary to make it a reality. That been properly prepared is actually going to hurt less in the long run; it may seem unnecessary or time wasting but it will be better in the long run. (And in my case I won’t look like an idiot trying to walk or bend my leg cause of excruciating pain). That having people support you and keep you accountable makes the whole journey so much more pleasant and less lonely.

Funny story on the encouragement point is that I had forgotten where I had parked the car and had to double back. I decided that one last sprint run would be good and make the journey back to my car quicker. I was running along with music pounding in my ears when all of sudden there was a guy coming in the opposite direction and he then yelled out to me͞

you are doing a great job”

͟ This was the encouragement I needed to keep going. So what is that you need to plan for? What action do you need to take to make it a reality? Who do you need to have in your support team to keep you accountable to achieving your goals.

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