Locking yourself out

blog headers (4)I had a moment where I knew that my friend who had my spare keys to my place was going to be out of town. Her husband was also going to be out of town as well. I thought to myself a couple of days before they left that this would be a really bad weekend to lock yourself out.

Well, it was Saturday morning and I was just heading out for a run with my sister, friend and a couple of hundred other local people for a 5km organized run. So I ran out the door with a change of t-shirt, deodorant, wallet and phone. Yep, you guessed it I had forgotten my car and house keys. Oh bother I thought.

Now I would have usually panicked and would have felt like an idiot.

Instead, I called a locksmith at 8am on a Saturday morning and they advised that it was going to be a couple of hours wait. I said I would need a 20-minute call when they were on their way. As it was a glorious spring day I decided to walk to my local shopping centre and get a coffee, by the time I had done this my sister had finished her run and we were able to do this together.

I then made it home just in time for the locksmith to let me back in o my house where I was then able to get through the list of things I had planned for that morning. It was like the locking myself out was just a blimp on the radar and nothing more. I looked back on the whole situation and commended myself for how well I managed what could have been a stressful situation.

How do you cope when faced with a stressful situation? How is this better than last time you were in a similar situation? How will you take a moment today to see the progress that you are making in how you respond to situations?

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