I belong

blog headers (3)So from someone who has never been to University, this has been a sore point for me as I always thought to be successful that you needed to have studied at University. I would think I would be ok with it and then I would have a business meeting at a university and I would feel the feelings of inadequacy, that I was a fraud and that I didn’t belong. I would ace the business meeting and all evidence that I didn’t belong in a university even on the grounds seemed to fade away. I was ok with how I was and saw myself differently – in a much more positive light.

I was having this conversation with a friend and it was wonderful relaying the personal growth of acceptance I have had in the last couple of months. The next day after having this conversation I found myself feeling this same feeling again but in a different environment.

I heard the words “You have every right to be where you belong.” I stood taller, felt more confident and remembered that I am more than ok with just rocking up and just being who I am no matter the circumstance.

Where is it that you need to know that you belong and be ok with who you are no matter the situation you find yourself in? Who do you need to surround yourself with to remind you of this truth?

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