Thrive, not just survive

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So this year for me is all about “Thriving not just surviving”.

Last year and probably for the last 3 years my main focus has been on building a business but there was a small part of myself that was using this as an excuse of dealing with personal stuff.

So towards the end of last year I realised that I could no longer sustain this long term and needed to make some changes. So I sat with my whiteboard and came up with some simple changes I could make that would enable me to be a better human. Now I really wrote these only thinking of myself personally and not my business. But by ensuring that I am not just surviving personally I feel much better equipped to thrive in my business and in every area of my life.
So what changes do you need to make to ensure that this year you don’t just survive but thrive?

Thrive!Not just survive..png

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