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Do you ever have moments and go what the heck just happened there? Continue reading

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I have just returned from meeting a client who we have been doing his bookkeeping for 6 years, making him our longest client.

There are two states separating us yet the day finally arrived for me to finally meet him.


For months we were talking about dates and I could feel the excitement building about meeting this client face to face. As I walked in the door he shook hands with my employee however he then stood there waiting with open arms to embrace me in a hug.

I instantly felt like myself even though our only communication had only been done via phone and email.

This client has always being an inspiration to me in how he does business, the changes he has made after a business was unsuccessful and the opportunities that are now coming his way after many years of working his butt off.

During the day we documented the processes of what we do in the business for him and this was such a valuable process to ensure that we are all on the same page and to streamline his processes on an even greater level as he goes through another phase of his business.

The 9 hours we spent with this client seemed like only hours. We were productive, streamlined, handballed stuff to future us, laughed and I almost cried at one point as he talked about the challenges and compassion he has for his staff and customers.

I left his place and felt like my heart was fuller, I was happy and felt like a fire had been flamed again in my soul and gave me greater excitement for not only his business but also my business and the direction it is going.

Who is your inspiration in business? How will you thank them for being that inspiration?

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Mishearing or misinterpreting

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My catchphrase for the year has been gratitude not grumbling. If you missed that you can read about it here.

I sat infront of my mother’s new mother in law recently who is 83 years old. We were chatting about this and she then said that it should be gratitude then grumbling.

Inkedgratitude not grumbling_LI.jpgIt made me think about what we hear and how we then interpret this and how this affects our life. So much of life is about communicating and it can be quite challenging at times.

Often the simple things, I make complicated because I have misinterpreted the situation or made it more complicated than originally intended instead of seeing it on face value.

So how can you make sure that you hear properly and then interpret that information correctly. For me I make sure that when I listen I remove myself from other distractions as well as also seeing things from their perspective and not just my own.

What strategies do you have in place to ensure you do not mishear or misinterpret?

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Wrong Way Go Back

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So I was on a road trip to visit my friend who was my bridesmaid at my wedding. She is a treasured friend and I hadn’t seen her for quite a long time and was looking forward to spending some good quality time with her face to face.
She lives in the beautiful area of Newee Creek, which is between Coffs Harbour and Port Maquarie. I had spent the night before in Sydney and was then driving the rest of the way to her place on the Monday morning.
As I am not used to driving in peak hour I decided to wait until the peak hour rush was finished and then make the journey. Oh and also I wanted to clear some emails and do some work before getting on the road. So I was packed with snacks, some good music and a GPS to guide me on my way.
All was going well until about 15 minutes into my journey I went to make a turn, there was a cement truck mixer beside me also turning, I had somehow completely misjudged where I needed to turn and ended up turning into oncoming traffic which I was very fortunate was quite a distance away.
I got honked in case I was not already aware I was facing the wrong way and then quickly did a u-turn and continued on my journey.
I remembered I was so calm at the time and just dealt with the situation like nothing happened.
For the rest of the journey I kept wondering how I had managed to mess that up and how lucky I was that there was no oncoming traffic. So how do you cope with situations that come up that scream at you that you are going the wrong way?
Do you calmly turn away from them or do you keep trying to drive while being onslaughted by oncoming traffic?
There are also questions that we can ask ourselves when things don’t go to plan or we make mistakes in how we can improve or do things differently in the future.
The lessons we learn will always come in handy for the future, a future I am glad to have thanks to fortunate timing of oncoming traffic and quick thinking to rectify the situation.
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New Beginnings

blog headers (3).pngSo earlier this year I had the beautiful privilege of watching my mum get re-married to this wonderful bloke whom she met only a couple of years ago. It made me think how awesome life is and how even when things may seem lost, not going anywhere or things difficult that we always have a choice to make and have a chance to make a new beginning.

My mum and Dave had met 2 years before via internet dating while my mum was living in Canberra and he was living in Kununurra, WA. After months of going backwards and forwards of communicating via the painful online dating site they took a risk and met up in Sydney to meet face to face. They liked each other and then started communicating on a daily basis.

My mum ended up moving to WA to be closer to him and they now live in the beautiful surrounding areas of Mornington Penninsula. Her life is completely different and it changed in such a short period of time.

Ok, so making a new beginning in business how does that work and is that even practical?

Good question.

So for my business I think I am always asking myself is this working for me?

Do I need to change direction, make a small decision that may have a big impact or take a risk?

I remember when I first started in my business I only worked part time on my business and that was perfectly ok for then but then there came a time when there was a new beginning of working full time in my business.

Yes, it was scary and risky but by doing that it opened up so many more doors for me to be completely myself and devote my time to helping more people with their bookkeeping needs.

Then another new beginning came when I needed to employ staff.

Being in business is a journey of sometimes a season of a lot of small little beginnings or a big new beginning. Sometimes it can be exciting, scary, nerve racking or all of the above.

Where are you being challenged to start something new or where is that you need to make one small change that may have big ripple affects later on?

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I remember vividly the first time I really had a conversation about hope when I was about 16 years old.
It was in the café that my parents ran and I had been reading an article in Take 5 magazine, well when I say article I probably actually mean a story.
So there was a story about someone who had committed suicide and I remember chatting to my mum about it. I remember her saying it doesn’t matter what happens in life there is always hope. She said it with such conviction and I remember tearing up at her words.
There have been many moments where it looked like things were hopeless and I have clung to my mum’s words, there is always hope. Yes, the times have not instantly gotten better but just knowing that there was always hope has helped me keep perspective in the many many difficult times I have faced.
So what words of inspiration do you cling to when times are tough in your business?
What words of encouragement do you need to share with those whom support you in your business to keep them inspired when times are busy?
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So I have been watching some business coach videos that go for about 10 mins. These have been great to get me to focus on working on the business and not just the client work.

He said that motivation breeds motivation.

I have found that the more that I work on the business the more I am motivated to work on both my business and also am more inspired and energetic so that I am able to give more back to my clients.

Keeping the motivation is the hard thing I find. I can often start with great gusto and then as time passes it wanes.

What tactics do you have that help you keep motivated and focused on your business?

For me I have found that ensuring I am looking after myself first is number 1 in keeping the motivation. First thing Monday morning I start by going to the gym and then I sit at my desk ready to conquer the day all energetic.

I then also schedule time in to my week to work on my business but also have the mindset that working on the business is something I need to be doing daily so ensure I do one small task everyday to keep on track.

I also find that scheduling a couple of hours uninterrupted once a month on the weekend inspires me to keep my focus. What strategies do you have in keeping the momentum alive in your business?


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