How do you manage your workload?


How do you manage your workload?

Over the last 6 months we have changed a few of our own internal systems that have greatly benefited us so we thought we would share what some of the software packages we use to assist us with running our business. No, this hasn’t meant just increasing our wine consumption!

Xero – To manage our sales invoices, bills that need to be paid, payroll and superannuation payments we use Xero. We can keep up to date with the finances of our business from any device that connects to the internet. If you are still looking for a bookkeeping solution you can check them out here and don’t hesitate to contact us as we love helping people with falling in love with Xero

Voxer – This is one of our newest additions but one that I am loving already. It can be found at and it is a walkie talkie solution where you can leave voice messages for your staff or to individual team members. You can also text as well. This has been really beneficial for when staff is over several locations as well as communicating with our clients.

Skype – We often have team meetings or client calls with or without the video on Skype. This is a great way to communicate as well as the sharing screen function which assists with training.

TinyTake This has been helpful in training videos for our staff as well as clients. We are currently just using the free version so it helps us to keep the videos under 5 minutes.

Entryless – This helps us keep track of our invoices and bills that need paying. We can forward our PDF, scan and upload or take a photo with the app. This then gets attached to a bill in Xero or your accounting software so you have all of the information in one area.

Karbon – This is very specific to the accounting industry in how to keep track of our jobs and workload. There are so many solutions specific to each industry. If you have a problem there is a solution out there.

What programs do you use at the moment to run your business?

Are you using all of them to the fullest potential or are there some that you need to get rid of is not viable for your business?

We are not just passionate about your bookkeeping but streamlining your business so that you can work effectively and efficiently. If you have a problem that you need solving why not contact us today so that we can help you find the solution and make your life easier?

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Who is your tribe?

blog headers (1)Who is your tribe?

It was only a few years ago when I believed that the problems that one faced needed to be faced alone or with your spouse only. Well, one day changed that thinking and that is the day that I left a marriage that was trapping both of us. It was then that I relied on those closest to me to get through the difficulties of those times.

Ok, thanks for that depressing moment of truth but what does that have to do with business?

I think you need your tribe, those support people around you in both a personal and business sense to help you succeed to be a better person I couldn’t do business without the following people:

Business coach – I have learnt and being challenged by several businesses coaches over the years. They have both attributed to who I am today.

Sounding board person – This is someone who you can bounce ideas off, who will listen but will also challenge you whether it is a good idea. They are not just the yes people in our life but will tell you no that is not a good idea.

Marketing or can do other skills for you – If marketing or anything creative is not your thing then you can outsource to them for their skills to shine right through.

Clients – Our clients are a wealth of knowledge and expertise and often the best conversations happen organically but can be real game changers in how we do business. Thanks to our clients we have implemented new software or become addicted on tv shows thanks to their recommendations.

Other business owners in different industries – For me I love hanging out with one particular business owner who makes her own jewellery and also is the co-founder of a podcast. Her business and skills are so different to mine yet she inspires me to think of business differently.

Other business owners in the same industry – One of my great friends lives in a different state and she runs an awesome bookkeeping business. We have started collaborating and holding each other accountable for implementing different things in our business.

Family & Friends – Spending time with those that are not involved in business is so important for my sanity and helps keep things in perspective of why I am in business in the first place. Honestly sometimes switching off as a business owner for a couple of hours will help clear my mind but often helps with coming up with solutions to problems.

Who are your support people and how will you thank them today for being a part of your business and life?

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Values what are they and why are they so important to your business? I was at a networking function recently and we started talking about values and then every other topic – struggles, the good, the bad and the ugly of business was discussed and yet it seemed to stem back to our values.

So firstly what are values and how do you work out what they are? One of the ladies challenged us to look at what we spend our time, money and energy and this will show you what you value. So what do you spend your time, money and energy on?

For us at Balancing Bookkeeper Canberra we have values that are at the core of our business and they help keep us focused when things are challenging or we are having a little struggle with life.

Our values are:
Switched on
Care about people

We also have a couple of paragraphs of how we implement each of the values in our business. This year I was challenged to have them at the forefront of my mind as I did business everyday so they are hand written on the whiteboard so everytime I see to work I can see them.

How are you reminded of your values and how have they made a difference to the running of your business?

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3What is your attitude to running your business and how does this impact others around you?

I remember only 12 months ago Balancing Bookkeeper Canberra was growing and I could no longer do the work alone. My favourite saying was can you believe I am in business!! This was said with a mixture of amazement and disbelief of how I was standing here after this time.

I then had 2 staff I was managing and I was a little out of my depth mainly because I did not believe in myself and thought I had to be more together or be a certain way to be a boss.

I then had some sessions with a business coach who helped me unpack these insecurities and realised that I just had to be me, no matter whether I was with clients or with staff.

So when I was in this state of mind that I had to be a certain way I was often overwhelmed and did not have clarity in the way I led and that even translated to the rest of my life.

Once I have come to term with things and relaxed into this new role and became my own type of boss my staff could then look to me for solutions as I then had the clarity that was needed.

How are you feeling about business at the moment? How is this affecting your staff, clients and other relationships?

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I have been doing a lot of driving lately. I have spent most of my life doing road trips with my family and friends but recently this has just changed to driving solo. What that
means is that I have a lot of thinking time and the most random thoughts happen just out of no-where. Like for example the importance of encouraging those around you how this happens in the most unexpected places and by the most randomest people. This was actually triggered all because I was wearing one of myfavourite t-shirts.
Let me rewind and explain so it all makes sense.
Back in October 2014 I attended a bookkeeper conference at Sea World resort. I
was actually on the verge of leaving my part time job and just work on my business
–a business I had had for about 5years at this point. I was evolving as a person after being through a rough relationship breakup and my business had also flourished. I am a massive sponge bob fan and had purchased a t-shirt whilst hanging out at the resort. I remember specifically checking out after the conference wearing the t-shirt and the person I was with was trying to have a conversation with the manger man but he kept just looking and communicating with me. Ok, that sounds really creepy but it was actually very encouraging and he said “I know you attended the bookkeeping conference, you will be back and you are going places.”
I did not know this guy from a bar of soap yet this conversation stuck with me
as he believed in me from what little he saw at honestly a point where I was only
starting to believe in myself again.
Who has encouraged you out of the blue and how did you handle it?
There are countless people who encourage me on a day to day basis; I honestly
could not do life without my family and friends. One friend knows me too well when I had messaged saying, my body and brain are tired and listened to me complain about my night before when I had troublesleeping despite her being woken by her kids at silly o’clock most nights.
So as much as I love receiving encouragement I also love giving encouragement to others. When Isee a client or friend who is struggling with the overwhelmness of life I want to stand by them and give them words that will lift them up & make them feel better.
Who do you need to encourage today?
If you have staff how will you encourage them in the tasks they do for you so that they feel
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When I say leadership what image first comes to mind?
For me it is remembering from a young age the feeling that I knew I was going to be a leader. Other images that come to mind are politicians, CEO’s, managers and pastors.
What sort of leader are you and are you happy with how that translates to how you treat people?
I am an introvert by nature and as I grew up and was given opportunities to lead I then thought I had to be a different person, more outgoing or outspoken. I have now realised that to be a leader whether it is in our family, business or other commitments that you need to work out what your own style is and go with that.
I remember doing a task with a business coach and I had to find pictures or think of who was a great example of a leader and why I chose them. My first image I had was of stairs (see below) and this being a leader is always changing and can be challenging at times but to keep moving. The other was of someone who I know. He is a successful business owner and is an expert in the field of medicine yet he is a gentle and humble man.leader-picture
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So it is well and truly into the new year.

Have you made new year’s resolutions and are you still keeping them?

By complete accident early this year I came up with this year’s motto which I personally think is a little more life changing. Let me set the scene for you. I had travelled to the Mornington Penninsula where a wonderful bookkeeper friend lives and runs her business. We had met at a conference a couple of years earlier and we kept harping on about how we should just spend some quality time together planning stuff in our own businesses. So we chiselled out the first week of 2017 to do just that.

I rocked up on the Monday public holiday to her home office where she was busily doing payroll for about 60 employees. The whole process was complicated with overtime, penalty rates and different awards. A couple of hours later, with a pizza run in the middle, all of the pays had been checked, processed and paid.

Towards the end of last year I had noticed that my attitude was becoming negative but seeing my friend see what she did every week and this was only for 1 client I then realised that I have no reason whatsoever to complain.

Later that evening I was explaining to a dear friend and staff member about the payrun that took place and she came up with this corker of a phrase gratitude not grumbling.


We now have this on display in our office and it helps us every single day to not get bogged down in the negative but to be grateful for what we have even if those are challenges. What phrase or motto would you use to describe this year?

Here are some of my girlfriends phrases for the year for inspiration and the awesome thing is that we are holding each other accountable by asking each other for an example of how we have done that since seeing each other.


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